Ford honors history: a new version of the GT supercar was dedicated to a racing prototype

Ford honors history: a new version of the GT supercar was dedicated to a racing prototype


For the Monterey Car Week, which traditionally takes place in California in mid-August, Ford has prepared a special version of the GT supercar, which it dedicated to the 1964 prototype, the only American car to win at Le Mans. Only one original mid-60s GT prototype has survived to this day, and it will be unveiled in Monterey alongside the new Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition.

The Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition is a modern interpretation of the iconic GT. In this case, the prototype, on which work began in 1963 with the goal of beating Ferrari at Le Mans – these events formed the film “Ford vs. Ferrari”. The sports car debuted at the New York International Auto Show on April 3, 1964.

A total of five prototypes were built, but only one survived in its original form, with the GT / 105 chassis: prototypes GT / 101 and GT / 102 were decommissioned after crash tests at Le Mans and Monza, and GT / 103 and GT / 104 were repainted and became part of the museum exhibit in Boulder, Colorado.

Like the original, the limited-edition 2022 supercar is finished in Wimbledon White with a triple racing stripe on the roof in Antimatter Blue, which is also painted with 20-inch carbon rims. The front splitter, side sills, mirror pillars and rear diffuser are made from carbon fiber. Some of the interior parts are also made of carbon, for example, elements of the dashboard, the center tunnel and door sills.

The new 2022 GT ’64 Prototype is the sixth model in the Heritage Edition. The lineup, for example, includes the 2021 GT ’66 Daytona, which is dedicated to the GT MK II No. 98, 2020 GT ’69 Gulf Livery, built to pay tribute to the GT40 MK I No. 6, which won at Le Mans in 1969, and the 2019 GT ’68 Gulf Livery Heritage Edition (commemorating the GT40 MK I # 9 victory at Le Mans in 1968), all of which were produced in a limited run of 50 pieces. p>

GT Special Editions were also introduced in 2018 (GT ’67 Heritage Edition, mintage – 39), 2017 (GT ’66 Heritage Edition, mintage – 27) and 2006 (Ford GT Gulf Livery Heritage Edition, circulation – 343).

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