Ford introduced a 43-year-old electric car

Ford introduced a 43-year-old electric car


One of the Ford exhibits at this SEMA show will be the F-100 Eluminator restomod – a 1978 truck converted to electricity. The car has an important mission: to show potential customers the capabilities of the first “boxed” Ford Performance electric motor, which is already available from official dealers of the brand for $ 3900.

The CRT Eluminator (P / N M-9000-MACHE) is the same as the Mustang Mach-E GT electric motors. It is designed to convert cars with a transverse engine to electric traction (modern and retro models, pickups, SUVs) and produces 285 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque. The manufacturer clarifies: the traction motor is approved for use on public roads in all 50 states of America, that is, there will be no legal problems with the conversion.

Restomod Ford F-100 Eluminator, like the serial Mach-E GT, is equipped with two electric motors (one per axle). The combined system output is 488 horsepower and 859 Nm of torque. The pickup was designed by Ford Performance and built with support from MLe Racecars on a custom Roadster Shop chassis. The truck is finished in Avalanche Gray with Cerakote Copper accents and mounted on 3-piece 19-inch Forgeline wheels. The interior trim is made of aluminum (the front panel is completely milled from metal) and vegetable-tanned leather.

Another novelty from Ford, which, unlike the F-100 Eluminator, will go on the free sale is the Bronco DR for desert racing. The SUV is built in cooperation with the Multimatic on a modified chassis of the production car and is equipped with a V8 5.0 engine from the Coyote family, tuned to deliver more than 400 horsepower. In the transmission of the prototype – a ten-band automatic, a “razdatka” from the F-150 and cross-axle differentials with electronic locks.

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