Ford introduced a 800-horsepower Mustang Gulf Heritage Edition


American workshop Lee Brown Performance built a special version of the Ford Mustang in the historic Lemenovskii the livery of the Gulf. Appearance changes are not limited to, and under the hood of ultimately the newest set forced to 811 forces a five-liter V8 with a mechanical supercharger.

Experts Brown Lee Performance was guided by three principles: power, speed and heritage. Therefore, under the colorful livery of Gulf Heritage Mustang they hid compressor 5.0 V8 Coyote family, the impact of which brought to 811 forces and 915 Nm of torque. The unit can be combined with the 10-band “automatic” or a six-speed “mechanics”, and he sports car available in the body the ultimately the newest or convertible.


In addition to the powerful engine, Gulf Heritage Mustang got new suspension and parts of the bodykit from carbon. However, the most remarkable feature was a licensed Gulf Oil exterior style racing GT40. In the cabin of the sports car owner will meet leather and Alcantara with contrasting details in orange and blue.

The production plan involves the construction of only 119 copies of Gulf Heritage Mustang. The price of each – 139 $ 995 at the current rate. A sports car is given a three-year warranty.

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