Ford introduced the new Bronco for $ 250,000

Ford introduced the new Bronco for $ 250,000


The new modification of the Ford Bronco DR received a 5.0-liter V8 engine, prepared by the Ford Performance division (this unit is not installed on standard SUVs). The engine will produce approximately 400 hp, and it will work in tandem with the automatic, as well as transfer cases taken from the F-150 pickup. The Bronco DR SUV has also been equipped with electronically controlled front and rear differential locks.

The chassis of the Bronco DR version was refined with the participation of experts from the Multimatic studio. They put on the SUV, for example, more efficient and durable shock absorbers, as well as lightweight aluminum suspension arms. Compared to the standard Bronco SUV in the extreme version, the suspension travel should increase by about 1.5 times, and the entry and exit angles of the novelty will be 47 and 37 degrees, respectively. In addition, the Bronco DR variant will be equipped with 17-inch rims with beadlocks, as well as 37-inch BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T / A KM3 tires.

The body panels of the new Bronco DR version are completely made of fiberglass. With the help of an integrated safety cage in the rear of the car, which was made open, a compartment for transporting spare wheels was built in. The Ford Bronco DR SUV is devoid of glass and air conditioning, but it received power bumpers and additional lights.

The assembly of the original Bronco DR off-road vehicle will be handled by the Multimatic studio: in total, it is planned to assemble no more than fifty racing versions of the Bronco. They are intended for private clients who wish, for example, to take part in the popular rally-raids in the USA. Such a Bronco DR will cost approximately 250 thousand dollars, but it will not be possible to use it on public roads.

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