Ford introduced the new Everest

Ford introduced the new Everest


Not so long ago, Ford presented a new generation of the Ranger pickup, and now its counterpart in the body of an SUV has been announced – Everest. The premiere of the next generation should take place in the first quarter of 2022, but it will not be sold in all markets. The vehicle will arrive in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, the UAE and India, where it is known as the Endeavor.

Ford has shared pictures from the Everest trials. Judging by them, the radiator grill, running boards and headlights have moved from the pickup, but the bumpers are slightly different. The SUV will also inherit the frame and engines from the truck – diesel “fours”, a V6 turbodiesel and a 2.3-liter gasoline “turbo” EcoBoost.

The feed looks original with L-shaped lanterns that seem to be connected by a bar to each other. However, the prototype has a disguised stripe and it is not clear what is under it. Everest will have three rows of seats, high ground clearance, permanent four-wheel drive and meaty tires. The interior will be brought in line with the Ranger, with the Sync4 infotainment screen expected to measure 10.1 inches at base and 12 inches on more expensive versions.

As for the pickup, in the new generation it has noticeably increased in length, as a result of which it has become more spacious, both in the cabin and in the cargo platform. The equipment includes all-round visibility and a clever external lighting system, which is useful in nature or if you work at night.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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