Ford invests $1 billion to upgrade its Cologne plant

Ford invests $1 billion to upgrade its Cologne plant


The automaker plans to fully switch to the production of electric vehicles by 2030. Following a modernization process at its largest plant in Cologne in 2023, Ford will produce electric vehicles for the European car market.

By mid-2026, the automotive concern plans to produce only fully electric and hybrid passenger cars in Europe. And by 2030, only fully electric cars will be produced, including vans and trucks.

The company previously announced its electrification plan in Europe, in line with consumer demand and the desire to meet the high demands of the European authorities to eliminate the production of vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The automaker is investing $ 1 billion over the next 30 months to transform its car assembly plant in Cologne. It is set to become the first electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Europe. Ford’s 90-year-old plant is the largest manufacturing facility in Europe.

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