Ford is preparing a cross-universal replacement for three models

Ford is preparing a cross-universal replacement for three models

The publication Autocar, citing insiders, reports that a branch of Ford of Europe by 2021, will replace the Mondeo/Fusion, S-Max and Galaxy a raised wagon “in crossovered style.” Like, nameless until the model on the platform of Ford C2 from a new Focus on the characteristics will be similar to the Subaru Outback. If the rookie will get turbotron petrol and a 1.5 diesel, and the number of modifications will be moderate 48-volt hybrid. All-wheel drive in Europe is unlikely, but there will be a multi-mode traction control system. The launch of wagon “will mark the departure of Ford from the market large classic hatchback and MPV segment”.

The news quickly disseminated by the media, it seems, not noticing how she was weird from beginning to end. The title “Ford Mondeo will revive as the global midsize crossover” is misleading, because the Mondeo is alive and well and needs no resurrection. Yes, it can be removed from the production “a few years”, but may not be removed. For 2018 have been sold in Europe 49 596 Mondeo in China – 45 405, and in the United States twin Fusion found 173 600 owners.

Autocar supported annotation renderer from her full-time artist, depicting the Fusion Estate. The new model supposedly will be focused on “adventurous families” who want the versatility of a crossover, but with fewer operating costs.

To the stated in the first lines of the global crossover author Hilton Holloway never comes back and writes about the universal, suspiciously similar to Ford Focus Wagon Active (photo under). What is the highlight of the upcoming “shed” absolutely incomprehensible. If it was, for example, about the electric car, the questions would not have arisen. While the words are banal family SUV of any lot: Passat Alltrack, Skoda Superb Scout, Volvo V60 Cross Country and so on. Curiously describes the behavior of the clients after the resignation of the models:

“Customers Mondeo and S-max will focus on Fusion, and the owners of Galaxy will go to the smaller seven-seater crossover Edge Transit” – confidently sums up Holloway.

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