Ford lost almost 500 Ford F-150 pickups

Ford lost almost 500 Ford F-150 pickups


A significant number of Ford F-150 and Transit pickups were destroyed in a train crash in northeastern Missouri earlier this week. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, according to The Drive.

The exact details of the freight train crash are currently unknown, although it is known that the derailed train is currently blocking a local road in Ralls County. Based on the available photographs, the authorities will need at least several days to restore order. The Drive reports that the pickups and vans were likely transported from Ford’s Kansas City assembly plant in Kleikomo, Missouri.

A rough estimate of damage shows that up to 450 vehicles were damaged in the crash, and we doubt that a number of them could have sustained minor damage. It is possible that the company will demand the return of the damaged cars for the further use of microchips, which are in short supply around the world, in the production of new cars.

Ford has faced numerous production and delivery challenges over the past few months. The global chip shortage is clearly causing big problems for the Detroit company, and the F-150 – its bestseller for many years – seems to be having the most trouble. The production of the F-150 and Bronco in Dearborn was hit by floods in June this year.

Meanwhile, Ford is revising its production strategy. The brand is even considering moving to bespoke cars and cutting inventories to improve its financial health.

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Posted by Del Buckman Tuesday Aug 3, 2021

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