Ford lured a bunch of buyers from rivals

Ford lured a bunch of buyers from rivals


The global shortage of microcircuits hit Ford hard: in July, sales fell 37.7 percent at once compared to the same month last year. However, “Blue Oval” is not discouraged, as its latest innovations, apparently, are excellent at luring customers from competitors.

Thus, the revived Bronco SUV, which went on sale earlier this summer and is still one of the most talked about models in the US, will become, according to the manufacturer’s own data, the first Ford for more than 70% of customers. True, last month the company was able to deliver only 3,277 cars, but if the indicated share refers to more than 100 thousand confirmed orders, this is really a serious success.

Earlier it became known that, in addition to loyal fans of Ford, people who previously drove Jeeps are showing the greatest interest in Bronco Sport crossovers. The company also boasted that it had collected over 120,000 applications for the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup, with nearly 80 percent of those left by those who had previously preferred other brands. Of course, a booking is not a purchase yet, but the fact itself is indicative.

While Ford has yet to convert orders into sales, the same challenges are now facing all other manufacturers. At the same time, it is possible that the shortage of components hit this company especially noticeably, in particular, in the pickup segment: although in total since the beginning of the year, F-series cars are still leading in the United States, in the second quarter, Ram Trucks and Chevrolet Silverado products were able to get ahead .

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