Ford made Jeep to move

Ford made Jeep to move


About the full restyling of the SUV is not yet mentioned, but it seems that Jeep are afraid of the emergence of a competitor.

July 13 on the field where previously was dominated by Jeep Wrangler, we’ll have an entirely new player – a full-fledged SUV from Ford, which the company revived in three ways. And, according to the publication Mopar Insiders, which cites sources in the dealer environment, in a Jeep will not leave this event without attention.

However, improvements of the “Wrangler” at this stage, limited expansion of the list of available equipment and inclusion in a low-end configuration options that were previously available only on expensive versions. Simply put, the Jeep Wrangler will get “enriched” equipment – and, apparently, for the same price.

For example, the basic version of the “Wrangler” will be equipped with a more severe four-wheel drive system from the upper trim levels, the Wrangler Rubicon will by default supply an “off-road assistant” Off-Road Plus and for Wrangler Sahara has become available front camera that facilitates the overcoming of especially difficult sites of a route.


In addition, one of the secondary models for the US market called the Sport’s added a 7-inch screen multimedia system and climate control, and pressure sensors in the tires were taught to signal the achievement of a certain level of pressure when pumping the wheels.

Hypothetically, these changes should increase the attractiveness of the SUV (although official confirmation of the new clothes until he got in the Jeep to our American colleagues to comment on the situation refused). However, almost there is no doubt that the new Ford Bronco at least at the stage of the premiere will be a bestseller.

In Ukraine, the Jeep Wrangler is at least 47 400 $ for performance Sport in three-door body with a 270-horsepower gasoline turbo engine 2.0 litre, all wheel drive and 8-speed automatic.

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