Ford Maverick: new details

Ford Maverick: new details


A week ago at our disposal were the first the Ford Maverick, and now the technical details about the truck. They opened the party theme of the forum, claiming that working for one of the suppliers of “Ford”.

According to this source, “Maverick” will debut with a cab. Its loading area will be approximately two feet (60 cm) shorter than the Ford Ranger, depending on the modification. For understanding, the latter the length of a cargo platform varies from 155 cm to 185 cm.


According to the same insider, Ford is not quite sure in the commercial success of the model, which has no analogues on the market of the United States. Therefore, for reasons of economy, many components will be borrowed from the Maverick Transit Connect, including a two-liter 165-strong “four”. It can be combined both with mechanics and with vosmidiapazonnoy automatic. Alternatively will offer a 1.5-liter 184-strong “turbotron” – as the newest crossover Bronco Sport.

It is also alleged that during the first full year of production, Ford expects to collect 100 thousand copies Maverick – 10.5 thousand more than the number of Rangers sold in 2019. the Premiere is scheduled for 2021 year.

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