Ford Maverick turned into a large SUV

Ford Maverick turned into a large SUV


Renders have appeared on the Web in which the American compact Ford Maverick pickup truck is presented as a large and spacious SUV.

Here’s a weird idea. What if Ford decides to expand its already large crossover lineup by turning the Maverick into another Suv? This render from Kdesign AG answers this weird question.

The idea of ​​creating such a car is quite simple. Where the loading platform is usually located, this vehicle has an extended roof. The roofline is slightly raised at the back so it doesn’t look too flat. There is a long window on the sides for better visibility, and the rear window is also quite large.

The trunk of the Maverick pickup has a cargo volume of 943 liters.

For comparison, the Ford Ecosport crossover has 591.8 liters of space behind the second row of seats, while the larger Escape has up to 1,062 liters behind the second row of seats. Based on these numbers, the Maverick crossover could accommodate all of its owner’s belongings.

This designer also tweaked the front of the Maverick to make this version of the model look a little more aggressive than the standard truck. There is now a tiny trim “on the hood in black, which contrasts with the red of the body. Accordingly, the grille, lower panel, wheels, fenders and some trims are also in black.

The chances that Ford will build this version of the Maverick are somewhere between low and zero. However, it is entirely possible that a third-party company could produce it if there is demand. For example, there is a company that takes Ford Super Duty trucks and turns them into a modern vehicle that looks like the defunct Excursion.

New Maverick variants are on the way, but not a crossover. Recent spy shots show the development of a more off-road version, which is reportedly called the Rattler. The undercarriage is about an inch taller than the existing FX4.

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