Ford Maverick vozrodit?

Ford Maverick vozrodit?


At the moment, the family Ford Bronco consists of three models – the “Bronco” sixth generation three and five-door body styles, and also crossover Bronco Sport. But next year he can join another party.

Edition Muscle Cars&Trucks, claims to have gained access to internal documents that Ford is preparing for Bank of America. On one of the slides of the presentation, which informs about the cars manufactured at Ford plants in Michigan and Mexico, Hermisillo, there is a mention of a certain new product, scheduled for launch in 2021 (by the way, the production of the Ford Bronco also starts not earlier than next year).


In the edition are sure that we are talking about a model in the lineup of Ford will be back another half-forgotten the name – Maverick. Rumors that the company plans to revive the title, were for a long time, but previously it was assumed that he would get a crossover, presented as Bronco Sport. Now it is argued that the “Maverick” producer would call… a compact pickup truck, and build it on the same crossover platform as the youngest Bronco.

Accordingly, light truck with a monocoque body – if Ford really going to release such a model may become a competitor models such as the Fiat Strada or expected in the near future the serial version of the concept car Volkswagen Tarok. However, the company may be other plans: on the above slide, the future novelty, though depicted covered with a veil, has a distinctly five-door rear cargo platform.

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