Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS: Drag Races

Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS: Drag Races


It’s Ford vs Ford in this week’s Drag Race, as we pit the muscular, 345bhp Ford Focus RS against the, um, muscular Ford Mustang. With a V8. Yup, it’s four-cylinders vs eight, turbo vs natural aspiration, 345bhp vs 425bhp. Tom Ford and Ollie Marriage are your hosts. Take it away…Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

We've got an in-house Ford battle today. It's a drag race between two
of Ford's best performance cars. The five-litre Mustang has got
rear-wheel drive at 425 brake, and the new Ford Focus RS, which has got a 2.3-litre
four-cylinder engine with a turbo and 345-brake horsepower. When you think of a hot Ford,
first you think of me and then you think of the Mustang, but I think that focus is going to get it. Oli is all cocky because he's got
a 5-litre and a V8. I've got a 2.3 four cylinder,
but I also have a turbo. Now as we know,
snails improve performance. I've only got 345 brake horsepower.
He's got 425, but he's a heavier vehicle. He's also less skillful. The Focus next-door to me
goes rather well, because it's four-wheel drive. I'm only rear-wheel drive, but the advantage of that is
it means that I do not need a button to do drifting. Sounds fruity. So I'm going into racetrack mode
and turning the traction control off. Steering field? What's that? Three, two, one, go! We have him on the traction.
We definitely have the traction. And we're changing quick, and he's coming. Catching up, catching up. No, no! Oh, come on, Mustang, yes. Got him.

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