Ford Night Driving Drivings: When the Night Becomes a Day (Video)

Ford Night Driving Drivings: When the Night Becomes a Day (Video)


Smart headlights are a new technology that Ford is developing. A system that will increase safety when driving at night by adapting to road conditions and based on data from the navigation system.

Ford engineers have many open fronts in technology. The American company is working to improve the safety of passengers on its models. One of the new systems is the Blue Cruise autonomous driving system. But they are also working on a new lighting system, smart predictive headlights.

A system that can adapt to the conditions of the route and represents an important step forward in night driving, based on the data of each route entered into the navigation system in real time – this is a plus for safety. The system has powerful software and an algorithm that analyzes in detail route information, road geometry, orography and infrared camera data, adapting the power of the light beams and directing light to each curve. It is complemented by an assistant who automatically switches the low beam to the high beam.

This way, the driver will have an illuminated curve, inclines or intersections long before he hits them. The system is also ready for lighting when location data transmission is not available. In this case, the information from the infrared camera is added to the rotation angle information to adjust the beams. That is, the system will maintain the best possible illumination until the GPS signal recovers.

The brand’s specialists have developed a system in a virtual simulator that reproduces real driving conditions at night, with the calculation of the correct reflection of headlights. This innovation will very soon appear on the production models of the American brand, although at the moment there is no date.

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