Ford patented the world’s biggest windshield

Ford patented the world’s biggest windshield


Ford has expected a patent on a new roof design that uses curved beams to create a windshield and rear glass, which cover almost the entire upper part. The approach will lead to the creation of the cab with improved visibility to the outside and increase the amount of natural light in the cabin.

The Blue Oval’s plan is to use a pair of curved beams to form the structure of the vertices and connect them with standard roof railings, which create a vertical rack. As shown by the image above, this layout creates a relatively small area, where there is no glass, and place it behind the front seats that they had extensive appearance.

The main concern due to the fact that the material for the main roof structure so little, is how she’ll survive the crash, and the Ford patent solves this problem. According to the company, the arched form helps to distribute the forces in a side impact. In addition, the automaker describes the use of “fingers” of material that will attach the roof section to the areas located farther down on the posts, and this consolidation will make the design more durable.

The Ford patent describes several ways of constructing the roof structure. The most obvious option – just use a separate part and to connect them with a vertical piece. The company may also use additive manufacturing to make the design whole. The lattice structure for the material will provide additional advantage of weight savings while maintaining strength.


While the Ford patent shows the design of the roof on the Mustang, the company claims that it can work for any type of vehicle. However, the appearance is very well suited for the Mustang.

Extended windscreen not a new idea, and you can see elements of this design on cars such as the Tesla Model X, Opel Astra GTC and Citro?n C4 Picasso. The Ford patent complements this style, spreading it on the rear window.

Do You believe that this glass roof is safe and comfortable?

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