Ford prepares off-road Explorer

Ford prepares off-road Explorer


Photospies captured a prototype of the prototype Ford Explorer 2022.

Recently, Western journalists were able to shoot a prototype of the American model Ford Explorer 2022 model year in an off-road modification Timberline. It is known that the car did not receive any disguise.

Note that at the beginning of this fall, pictures were published with a full-size Ford Explorer crossover, which, as experts assumed, was a test prototype of a more off-road modification of the FX4.

Since then, it is known that this version of the car will have the name Timberline, and now new photos that are published Online show the novelty completely without camouflage.

The car has new upper and lower grilles in a completely redesigned front bumper.

Also, in the pictures, you can see that there is a protective plastic at the bottom of the front part, which is most likely an artificial design that does not carry any functional load. Other changes are not so obvious. The rear bumper of the car is slightly different, namely the exhaust pipes were slightly moved from the bumper and “tucked” under the SUV.

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