Ford prepares self-driving pickup

Ford prepares self-driving pickup


In most cases, photo spies manage to capture future cars, which are carefully hidden by car manufacturers under dense camouflage. However, sometimes you can catch something interesting.

In the new pictures, the Ford F-150 pickup truck appeared before us without any camouflage, but they are still of interest to us. So, one cannot fail to notice a large white model installed on the roof, which resembles a large quadrocopter without rotating blades.

However, if you look closely at the lettering on the front of this white container, you can see the name of NextDroid, a Boston-based company that works with automakers on advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. Now let’s look at the corners of the roof rack – we’re not sure if these are cameras or other types of sensors, but with this setup, which has the name NextDroid written in it, the company is testing a new technology for itself. We’ve probably witnessed trials of autonomous vehicles with cameras, sensors, LiDAR and nothing else.

It is possible that Ford is conducting advanced testing of its BlueCruise autopilot for the new F-150, which will only be available on select highways in North America. Or we could be looking at the next version of BlueCruise, which in theory would be tier 3 autonomy with no operational restrictions.

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