Ford Ranger turned into a hydrogen pickup truck that can reach Europe

Ford Ranger turned into a hydrogen pickup truck that can reach Europe


H2X Global, a young Australian hydrogen transport company, has unveiled its first model, the Warrego pickup. The car, which is a redesigned Ford Ranger, is still powered by just 95 horsepower, but the Australians say it boasts a payload of up to 1,500 kilograms – more than any Ranger. The model is going to be put into a small series and sold, including in Europe, without the participation of Ford.

According to Carsales, named after a river in Queensland, the Warrego was originally a “training” model for H2X engineers. However, the resulting car attracted interest both in Australia and abroad, so the company decided not to limit itself to one copy. The funds for H2X were provided by the local fund Liberty Energy Capital, which supports the development of sustainable transport.

At the start, the pickup was equipped with a unit with a modest return of 95 forces, but in the future the power may increase. The Warrego will be available in several body styles, including a two-row cab and front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. According to the brand’s plans, tests of the model will be completed before the end of the year, after which production and sales will begin: H2X notes that Warrego has already become interested in five European countries. The truck will be used for patrolling harbors, forests and mines.

Later, H2X will release a light commercial model on hydrogen, and within 5-10 years plans to increase the production volume to five or even six figures.

As for Ford itself, so far there is only one eco-friendly pickup in its arsenal – this is the electric F-150 Lightning, presented in May this year. The model is equipped with a twin-engine power plant with a capacity of 432 or 571 horsepower (1051 Nm), and on a single battery charge it drives up to 482 kilometers.

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