Ford recalls pickups and SUVs due to faulty side impact sensors

Ford recalls pickups and SUVs due to faulty side impact sensors


On August 5th, the issue of the side impact pressure sensor module was brought to the attention of Ford for review. The supplier, Canadian Veoneer, notified FoMoCo of sensor damage discovered during a technical inspection.

Given these circumstances, Ford and the supplier decided to revisit the assembly process after discovering that the tip of the programming fixture might be touching the top of the sensor. According to Veoneer, the adjustments were made on July 19. Moreover, analysis has shown that this damage may not be visible in the assembled pressure transducer assembly. As a result, Ford estimates that the damaged sensor will meet Federal Vehicle Safety Standard 214 for side impact protection, as the module may not respond to such an accident, resulting in the loss of side airbag protection.

Ford Motor Company mentions that the airbag malfunction warning light may be illuminated on affected vehicles. A total of 777 vehicles have been recalled, starting with 328 copies of the F-Series Super Duty truck line.

78 units of the F-150 pickup, 342 units of the Expedition SUV and 29 units of the Lincoln Navigator were also recalled. Fortunately, the Dearborn-based automaker is unaware of any reported accidents or injuries associated with the condition mentioned above. However, owners must be notified by regular mail between November 1st and November 5th.

Ford says the remedy component was manufactured outside the intended date range and will not have damage caused by contact with the programming device. But obviously the carmaker is excluding refunds for repairs because it is covered by the warranty.

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