Ford resurrected the Ranger Splash pickup truck

Ford resurrected the Ranger Splash pickup truck


The automaker will offer a styling package for cars with a two-row cab.

The original Ranger Splash package was introduced to the Ford lineup in 1993. The pickups in this version had a monochromatic color, a FlareSide body with pronounced arches, special vinyl decals, as well as a lowered suspension for mono-drive modifications. The current Splash is offered in two versions: Splash Package and Splash Limited Edition. The Splash Package will be available for the entire model year, while the Splash Limited Edition will only be released every few months, with a circulation of only a few hundred copies.

Standard styling will include an orange and black livery, matte black 18-inch wheels, a radiator grille with orange accents and high-gloss black trim. The Splash’s interior will feature special orange stitching and carbon-look upholstery. The Ranger Splash Limited Edition pickups will be equipped with 18-inch wheels, combined with unique body and interior d├ęcor. The first in the lineup will be the “snow” Splash Snow Edition.

The kit will be offered on the XLT and Lariat double-row SuperCrew pickups. The basic set will be available for $ 1,495.

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