Ford sells Mustangs after crash tests

Ford sells Mustangs after crash tests


Have you ever thought about buying a car that participated in crash tests? Now two broken cars are put up for auction.

As The Drive found out, a yellow 2018 Ford Mustang and a maroon 2018 Mustang are being sold at GSA Auctions after NHTSA crash tests. Both are located in Buffalo, New York. It goes without saying that neither of these two vehicles can be repaired and operated on the road. So why would anyone need them? For spare parts, of course.

At the time of writing, the maroon Mustang is priced at $ 1,247, while the yellow Mustang is priced at $ 2,469. Both come with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder entry-level, and because they were used only for testing the side impact, a high probability that the engine and transmission of the yellow car and car maroon cars are in perfect running order.

Other parts could have been salvaged from the Mustang duo. For example, their wheels are not damaged, so they can be sold. Just like the new brakes and exhaust systems. Some body panels can also be sold, including the passenger side doors, which were not damaged during crash tests. If you’re willing to work a little harder, splitting up the machines can be quite lucrative.

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