Ford Skyline? How Nissan will react to this

Ford Skyline? How Nissan will react to this


Ford unexpectedly decided to use the Skyline name, which is strongly associated with Nissan and its iconic sports car. As reported by the Ford Authority, on July 12, 2021, the American company applied for the Skyline trademark registration in the United States. The application was submitted in the category “Land vehicles, namely, SUVs, pickups and cars”, but it is not yet known what new product the “blue oval” is preparing for the home market and whether it will be able to obtain a title of protection at all.

Prior to this, Ford had never used the Skyline name. However, in the arsenal of the manufacturer there was a model with a similar name – Skyliner, which in the 50s of the last century was worn by the Crestline, Fairlane Crown Victoria, Fairlane 500 and Galaxie convertibles.

In 2014, a luxury concept based on the Ford Transit with a 52-inch retractable screen and leather seats that could change position depending on the needs of passengers received the same name prefix. The seats could be configured using a smartphone or tablet.

As for the name Skyline, but it has never been used in the USA: Nissan Skyline sedans have been sold in the country since 2001, but as a model of the premium “daughter” of the Japanese brand – Infiniti Q50, which is also available in Ukraine. Whether Ford will succeed in registering a trademark associated with Nissan, and what the model that will be named will be remains to be seen.

Nissan itself, meanwhile, is not going to abandon the Skyline. Despite rumors of a production discontinuation, the company has extended the sedan’s life by at least one more generation. The current model of the 13th generation was released in 2013, and in 2019 it underwent an update.

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