Ford stops the production of the next model

Ford stops the production of the next model


Ford continued to reduce its model range in the domestic market: brand relies on crossovers and pickups, declining less popular cars, one of which is Flex. This SUV was produced for 11 years and his successor, apparently, will not.

Ford Flex first generation appeared on the market in 2008 and since then only once has undergone restyling in 2011. In its debut year sales of the model amounted to 14.4 thousand copies, and the last couple of years demand has been stable and amounted to slightly more than 22 thousand cars a year. Since the beginning of this year, the country implemented a 20.3 thousand Flex.


However, this low result compared to the more popular models, including the Ford Edge (134 thousand of cars sold in 2018) and Ford Explorer (250 thousand copies last year).

So, who’s next?

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