Ford to develop new platforms for electric cars

Ford to develop new platforms for electric cars


The American automaker, with the release of its first two electric cars – the Mustang Mach-E crossover and the F-150 Lightning pickup – has announced that it will enter the race with Tesla, General Motors and even Volkswagen.

As noted by Reuters, Ford is developing two dedicated platforms for all-electric vehicles. According to the source of the publication, one of them will be designed for full-size trucks and SUVs, and the second – for cars and compact crossovers.

According to the agency, the developments will be part of a strategy aimed at catching up with General Motors, Volkswagen and Tesla in the “global electrification race.” At the same time, the American automaker intends to make a loud announcement today as part of an online event for investors.

The platforms will include chassis components, electric motors and batteries that will power future Ford electric vehicles. Reuters notes that they will allow the company to simplify and cut costs on manufacturing, logistics and more while Ford moves away from producing cars that run on fuel. The automaker declined to comment.

As previously reported, the electric pickup truck Ford F-150 Lightning was recently presented. The new F-150 Lightning starts at $ 39,974 and goes up to $ 90,000. The mid-range XLT will start at $ 52,974, again excluding discounts. Potential customers can reserve them on the Ford website now for a $ 100 deposit.

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