Ford to pay $1000 for waiting for car

Ford to pay $1000 for waiting for car


As vehicle inventory depletes, Ford is working hard to encourage customers to be patient.

It’s 2021 and one of America’s largest car manufacturers is running out of cars for sale. The automotive industry has been hit hard over the past two years, first by the pandemic and then by the acute shortage of chips. To prevent its customers from going over to competitors, Ford is doubling down on existing discounts on certain vehicles. The move, which was confirmed in a letter to dealerships, should help reduce skyrocketing new car prices in the United States. However, some popular Ford products will be excluded from this deal.

Ford recently launched a cash rebate program called the Retail Order Incentive Program to fill a shortage of popular models and pickups in its showrooms. This incentive has been doubled to a whopping $ 1,000 and is dubbed Retail Order Bonus Cash Certificate.

Ford offers this discount on most of its popular models, including the Ford F-150 and Expedition, but does not apply to newer models such as the Mustang Mach-E and Bronco. The incentive will last until July 6. For those who have already been offered a deal, the good news is that incentive is available for orders dating back as early as April 1st.

The current economic and global climate has driven car prices up, and models such as the Ford Bronco Sport, which sells at a $ 10,000 markup in some states, have risen in value. Ford is trying to watch out for its customers as it recently paid $ 5,000 Mach-E buyers in New Jersey for not getting a local discount on plug-ins. As the supply of new cars remains low, this trend will continue.

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