Ford, Volkswagen and their 8 million children

Ford, Volkswagen and their 8 million children


Ford Motor and Volkswagen AG said they were going to produce up to 8 000 000 pickups and commercial vans in the framework of the Alliance.

The Corporation intend to cooperate in three main cars. We are talking about a city van that will build Volkswagen cargo van created by Ford, and VW pickup truck, developed on the architecture of the Ranger to 2022-mu.

In addition, the plans American manufacturer creating a new electric vehicle for the European market on the architecture of VW MEB by 2023, and he intends to implement over 600 thousand units in a few years.


“This partnership will provide an opportunity to effectively reduce the cost of creating that will contribute to the expansion of the global sales of electric and commercial vehicles, and to strengthen the position of both corporations,” said Wednesday, June 10, VW CEO Herbert Diss.

Partnership, in particular, provides investments in the Volkswagen affiliated with Ford, the firm Argo engaged in the development in the field of AI and drone technology. VW is going to invest in this company to $ 3.1 billion.

In addition, before Ford added the so-called “mild” hybrid (Mild-Hybrid) gasoline to individual variations of the subcompact Fiesta model.

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