Ford vs Ferrari. Matt Damon and Christian bale tell us how it was


Filmed the racing history of the battle companies of Ford and Ferrari was nominated for an Oscar in four categories. Including in the category “Best film”. To communicate with the main cast of the film (of the service under the name “Outsiders”) and Matt Damon, and Christian Bale decided by journalists from the British publisher of Top Gear. We have translated this interview for you.

Top gear: Matt, one of my favorite movie scenes is the one where you show Henry Ford II, on what is capable the Ford GT. It’s funny at first, but then turns into a very emotional, serious.

Matt Damon: Tracy Letts (who plays Ford II – infocar) – a great actor. It’s a really funny moment at first, but then everything changes. His character loses his composure, but not because he’s afraid created the car, but because it says “If my grandfather could see it….”. The moment of understanding that family passion that began generations ago, had led to this moment. So much power in something that was created under the auspices of his family. We shot this scene twice, but Tracy gave a maximum during the first time. The scene was filmed when we were inside the car. But he was in the back of a special truck (something similar happened in the filming of “Bourne”), so you play until one of the best drivers in the world speeding you on the track [the driver of such plant may be located above, behind or to the side in a makeshift cabin]. We drove along the track, moving in the drift, then made a u-turn and stopped. Jim [Mangold, the Director] said that if the camera does not move, the shooting of this scene will begin at the time when the car stops. And Tracy played with the first attempt.

I then thought about how it was not alone the man of that era (as Shelby), when someone very close so that’s clearly not hiding his feelings. In this humor of the scene. But sitting there next to Tracy, watching as he acts out this episode, I experienced other emotions. Which at first didn’t count.

TG: I asked people and it turned out that among the actors of your driving skills – obviously some of the best…

MD: [in disbelief] How did I get into this list?..

TG: But [stuntman and trainer] Robert Neill said that Christian is the best of those he had to teach…

Christian bale: [triumphant laugh] the fact that he seems to be more of one and not coached.

TG: to Play driving – specific skills. My mind always comes Robert De Niro in the movie “ronin”. Yes, of course, he’s one of the best actors of all time, but… there behind the wheel he looks very rigid. Not as the best driver of the getaway.

MD: I read the memoirs of Charles Grodin [who played with De Niro in the wonderful movie “midnight run” in 1988], and there he told me that Bob (the shorter name “Robert” – infocar) was a terrible driver. I got Bob went to the car, but not once did he was driving. Although it was the case that he gave me directions how to get to his suburban home from new York. [Very similar copies the style of De Niro]: “Then you have to drive a little more and left to be sold to corn…”. These instructions were the most stupid I ever said, but the point is that they helped!

“Ronin” was innovative by the standards of its time film. Frankenheimer (the Director of “ronin” in 1998, which has impressive episode of the chase – infocar) was a genius.

TG: Race at Le Mans 1966 in some way is a love story, a bromance.

KB: Absolutely. This film is also about obsession, friendship and a shared dream.

And the script itself? In the same way as while watching a movie, a lot depends on your mood before watching, how was your day, things like that. And when I read the script, the story is the same. And you know, I don’t understand how it works. But this script I was instantly fascinated, I could not tear myself away. I have worked with Jim before (the film “the Train to Yuma” 2007), I wanted to work with Matt (it would be our first shared project). So it was easy to decide, because of problems with the schedule was not, and I was free… [laughs].

“You don’t need to know a damn thing about racing to enjoy this film”

TG: Michael Mann (film producer – infocar) developed the whole project, “Ford v Ferrari” in the same way as the scenario?

KB: We both read the script at this stage (Mann began work on the film at least in 2015 – infocar), he was fantastic, very holistic.

MD: Walter Salles (producer – infocar) this idea was even ten years ago. And he gave me a book She JI Bama “Drive like hell” (A. J Baime, “Go Like Hell” – infocar). But the script did not yet exist.

KB: They planned to make from the book series, so we couldn’t call the movie “Drive like hell”. We had the opportunity to use in one scene of the movie sign “Drive like hell” (Shelby writes these words on cardboard and shows them Myslu when he drives past the pit lane – infocar). But to call the film so we had no right.

MD: This is the name we have missed. Yet to him it came, this name was sold to Thomas Tull of Legendary film Studio (Thomas Tull – Legendary base – infocar), they planned long-term series. Perhaps it will appear that would be great.

CB: That, I think, managed Jim (the Director) is to make an exciting movie if you like racing or not. Just as in the movie “Senna”. I remember watching Ayrton Senna racing. A trip to brands hatch (race track in England – infocar) father was a huge event for me. I also remember watching TV that day when Senna died.

My wife and I went to the movie; she did not watch the Formula 1, however, was fascinated by this tape. So did Jim Mangold in our film. You don’t need to know a damn thing about racing to enjoy this film.

TG: aspect of the relationship of father and son is also very strong. The relationship between Ken miles and his son Peter.

MD: It was fine. Noah Joop [who played Peter]… this guy is phenomenal!

KB: It’s really good, yeah.

I watched the movie with Peter miles and his daughter. The three of us watched it, and… you would not have received a more intense show than that. Peter was very helpful, he told me many stories about his father.

MD: the Other participants in history has achieved a lot. It was in fact McLaren (Bruce McLaren participated in the Le Mans 1966 with miles, his legacy is a company of the McLaren – infocar), and could be miles, right? Ken miles was an outstanding engineer, Carroll Shelby claimed that he was the best person he knew.

KB: I hope that people will learn more about him by watching this movie. Look, Jason (turning to interviewer – infocar), you’re out of professional circles, but even you said you knew only a little about this story. And she’s legendary, incredible in its richness. I hope the film will make the miles recognizable.

TG: What did you know about Ferrari before filming?

KB: Saturn devouring his own children… He gets his moment of glory, the God of motor racing.

TG: isn’t this the point of the film?

KB: of Course…

MD: In these events, so many stories to cram everything into a two-hour tape is a real challenge. We discussed the finale of Le Mans, only it would be possible to do a movie. About politics, about the huge investment Ford… Hell, miles would have won the Triple crown (an unofficial title in endurance races it’s the winner of the most prestigious competitions in the world – the 24 hours of Le Mans, 24 hours of Daytona, the 12 hours of Sebring – infocar), no chance. After all, the whole story was about how to sell more cars. This is a huge campaign, and should not be allowed to overwhelm the skill of the rider. The machine was supposed to finish in first, second and third places.

Engineering complex (to prepare for Le Manu – infocar) was built near Agua Dulce at the airport in the city of Santa CLARITA near Los Angeles. Charlie Agapiou another British Expat] worked with Ken miles. And so I asked him:

– Charlie, you have won at Sebring, you win at Daytona, you had the best car.

– It is.

– When are you going to Le Mans in that year as you were sure to win?

– One hundred percent. We knew that we will win if the cars are not going to get away from-for breakages.

None broke, and they took first, second and third places. Charlie’s still convinced that Ken was a lap ahead when all three cars crossed the finish line.

KB: This story is an illustration of the effect Rasemon (the effect is named because of the movie, where there are four witnesses, each recounting what he saw otherwise – infocar). Each tells a different story. Whether Bruce McLaren sped? Ken made a deal for a friend, Carroll Shelby, although for miles as a racer it was the sentence. He did this due to the fact that I realized how much Shelby had sacrificed for him, and that chance without Shelby he would never.

But as Charlie said (Agapiou), it wouldn’t be important, because Ken was a lap ahead. But for some reason, official representatives of Mans said that they didn’t fixed….

MD: have You been watching the Le Mans 24 hours???

KB: They were also sure that you will be able to return next year and win again, without all this bullshit. And so it happened, but… without Ken.

TG: It is also a story about men trying in a difficult time in their lives to reinvent ourselves… miles was 48 years old in 1966, and Shelby had to think hard about the future after the doctor advised him to quit the race because of the state of his heart.

MD: it was a turning point…

KB: We don’t know anything about it. [pause] We’re trying to rethink our whole damn life! [laughs]

MD: We are re-inventing myself my whole life.. This is the last chance miles. And also a chance for Shelby to completely reevaluate his life, and he used it. Thus was born the legend. Determine the subsequent forty years of this man’s life.

TG: Keep in mind, Paul Newman (an iconic American actor, was also a racing driver – infocar) was 54 years old when he finished second at the 24-hour race in Le Mans (1979). He was coached by Bob Bondurant, who was of the opinion that Newman could become a successful professional racer. You still have time…

KB: I attended a race school. Bob copes (at the time of the interview Bandurina, a former professional racer, 86 – infocar). Driver with incredible experience, to dwell with him – a great joy. He told me many great stories about Ken.

Once he jumps in the car with me and said, “Let’s take a ride, Christian!”. And we begin to spin around the track. He gives me directions: “Put here hands on the wheel, turn here”. And then we stop and change places. “…Okay,” I said.

Other instructors looking at me, “What is he going to steer?”. So I sit on the passenger seat (which I hate), and he starts, and he’s damn good at it! He knows the track inside out, because he designed it. Several times I had to warn him: “Bob, we get off track, take a little bit to the left”. Then he hits the brakes, and we sit in silence. Then I thought: “He is now immersed in this moment, he was enjoying the moment.” And then he’s like “Where the fuck are we located?”. I say, “Bob, this is the seventh turn.” “The seventh turn, I realized…”

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