Ford will have a mini electric pickup truck

Ford will have a mini electric pickup truck


Last year, Ford CEO Jim Farley promised to release affordable electric vehicles. Here the Fords will take several paths. For example, in 2022, the first Ford on the Volkswagen MEB platform will be released. According to unofficial data, it will be a compact crossover. But the public asks the firm’s management about the pickup. In response to inquiries, communications manager Mike Levin tweeted with a photo. It shows the outline of an apparently small pickup truck with a flat battery under the floor.

Levin did not disclose which model he is hinting at. Either an independent or an electric version of the new Ranger or Maverick.

The mysterious pickup might be of interest to those for whom the F-150 Lightning is too big and expensive even in the initial commercial Pro version ($ 39,974).

The purely electric variation hypothesis for the Ford Maverick is the most common hypothesis, although the model may not be related to any currently available from Ford. One way or another, but the car should start with a price tag of up to $ 30,000, given its position lower than the F-150 Lightning. If the Blue Oval succeeds, it will be in an advantageous position in the American market, where electric pickup competitors are focused on the upper segments (both in size and price). The affordable Ford will have few direct competitors. For example, if the idea comes true with a pickup truck Fisker Alaska.

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