Ford will pay the penalty for your own multimedia system

Ford will pay the penalty for your own multimedia system

More than 360,000 owners of Ford and Lincoln (prestige brand owned by Ford) have the right to receive a dozen of compensation in the amount of up to $ 400.

Infotainment system SYNC 3 from the American brand, Ford is in fact a big step forward, but still not so smooth! Old multimedia complex MyFord Touch was far from perfect, so many owners and lessees of Ford vehicles and owned by the company Lincoln brand, whose vehicles are equipped with infotainment system MyFord Touch (up to SYNC2), decided to sue the automaker in connection with numerous problems: the failure to respond to touch and voice commands, hang or crash while driving car the inability to connect to the smartphone and inaccurate GPS information.


Group agreement in the amount of $ 17 million was reached in November 2018, and preliminary approval was received in March 2019. More than 360,000 motorists Ford and Lincoln, has bought or rented the cars of these brands in the period from 2010 to August 2013, are now eligible to receive compensation.

Its size can reach $ 400, provided that your infotainment system MyFord Touch (SYNC2) has been repaired three or more times. Customers who have had two repaired, are entitled to payment in the amount of $ 250, while those who have one repair and can get 100 dollars. Under the agreement, those who are not renovating the complex, but was not satisfied with the infotainment system, you can get $ 45.

Themselves official representatives of the American brand strongly deny the guilt of the company – “we have not done anything wrong and deny that our complex MFT faulty. The court did not decide whether Ford did something wrong.”

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