Ford will produce a crossover, which will compete with Jeep Compass

Ford will produce a crossover, which will compete with Jeep Compass


Production of the new SUV, as well as its kupeobrazny version will establish in the Brazilian plant of the company, where they will share the Assembly line with the EcoSport SUV.

Ford in Brazil in General, things are going pretty well: for example, in 2018, the brand has sold 235 418 cars than secured fourth place in the ranking of the most popular brands. This result is 10% more than the year before. However, this year recorded a decline of 5% over the first 10 months Ford has sold 900 PCs. 185 In the end, mark was on the fifth line of the list of the most popular. Now Ford has decided that the brand needed a new crossover, and, as it turned out, they are already in development.

About it reports the local edition Quatrorodas with reference to the head of the South American division of Ford Lila waters. According to him, the company’s product needs to be “more competitive” for the decision to produce two new SUV and use for this purpose, the capacity of the plant in Camaçari (Brazil). Now it manufactures compact small car Ford Ka and EcoSport crossovers.


Production of the new midsize crossover kupeobrazny and its version is expected to start in mid-2020. According to the head of the local unit, future innovations are now under development. Their names are not revealed yet, only known internal index – BX784 with “normal” roof BX785 with “sloping”. It is expected that they will be available in the years 2022-2023.

The publication notes that the new items will not be as compact as EcoSport (its a new generation will enter the market at the end of 2021). They will get a different platform, however, what is not specified). The car will be enough room for the rear passengers, and solid promises to be the Luggage compartment.

The Brazilians assume the “standard” cross may subsequently obtain the name of the Territory. Recall that the SUV with the same name in the 2020 plan to start selling in Brazil, with cars brought from China. While it is not clear what will happen in this case with the import model, she might still initially be available under a different name (although now at the local Ford this SUV announced it as a Territory).

The new crossover index BX784 will compete for buyers with the Jeep Compass, by which time it already will have updated exterior and will get new turbo engine capacity of 1.3 liters. About “stuffing” the future of the Ford SUV and his kupeobrazny version information yet.


The American company continues to focus on restructuring the business to cut costs and focus on profitable markets. Process affected South America, and Europe.

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