Ford’s massive worldwide recall

Ford’s massive worldwide recall


The American automaker reported three unrelated recalls affecting a total of 851,630 vehicles.

Ford’s press service reports that Explorer vehicles sold between 2013 and 2017 may jam the transverse ball joint, causing the rear suspension arm to fracture. Representatives of the brand said that cars may start to make clanking sounds, and drivers may also encounter improper handling and skewing of the rear wheel.

In addition, Ford noted that vehicles that may encounter this problem are located in regions with a high degree of corrosion. The company already knows about six victims of a dangerous defect. In North America, 676,152 vehicles will be recalled, in China, 59,935 vehicles fell under the revocable company, as well as 38,609 vehicles in other parts of the world. For recalled SUVs, dealers will check the cross-axle ball joint and, if necessary, replace it with a modified part.

Ford is also recalling 40,995 2020-2021 Lincoln Aviator crossovers powered by a 3.0-liter petrol engine. On vehicles of this model, the battery harness may be incorrectly attached, which may cause it to come into contact with the A / C compressor pulley, and this will subsequently result in a short circuit and a fire.

The company will recall 34,939 F-350 Super Duty pickups from 2020-2021 with a 6.7-liter engine and one rear axle for weld repairs. Due to this defect, the transmission may be disabled, and drivers may feel vibration and shaking while driving on the highway. Disconnecting the propeller shaft can lead to a sudden drop in vehicle traction. Dealers will check the vehicles and replace the rear axle housing if necessary.

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