Ford’s modest: what’s wrong with the F150 Lightning?

Ford’s modest: what’s wrong with the F150 Lightning?


Introducing the new F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, Ford announced that the top-of-the-range vehicle will be able to travel more than 300 miles, or 482 kilometers on a single charge. As it turned out, the real power reserve will be significantly greater.

YouTube blogger Marquez Brauli, who got acquainted with the prototype pickup, claims that Ford told him that 300 miles is the range of a loaded car with more than 450 kilograms of luggage in the back. That is, an empty pickup will be able to drive significantly more.

In factory tests, the F150 Lightning was able to travel 590 kilometers, using only 80% of the battery capacity, Brawley said. Thus, the total range of an empty pickup should be approximately 400 miles or 640 kilometers.

Ford has not yet officially announced the battery capacity of their electric truck, promising to provide this information closer to the start of mass production. According to our calculations, in the top version, the battery pack should produce about 170 kilowatt-hours.

The Ford F150 Lightning is based on the petrol model that has been the most popular pickup truck in America for decades. At the same time, the electric version, in addition to the electric drive itself, has a redesigned frame and a completely independent rear suspension, which Ford pickups with internal combustion engines have never had.

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