Forget Rolls-Maybach-S-Class! There’s something cooler…

Forget Rolls-Maybach-S-Class! There’s something cooler…


If you need a luxury office on wheels, there is an alternative to sedans and crossovers. How about redesigning the Mercedes-Benz V-Class minivan exclusively to suit your needs and tastes? Everything is possible: from air suspension to booking, from a complete repainting to replacing the entire interior with something special.

Kiev studio Avers creates cars not only for the Ukrainian market: there are clients from Germany, from the UAE, as well as from other countries. We asked them what interests the buyers of the “special” V-Class have. And how much you need to pay for the realization of these interests. We also spied on the actual process of creating custom Mercedes-Benz vans.

Enjoy your viewing!

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