Former designer for Audi and SEAT moved to Mitsubishi

Former designer for Audi and SEAT moved to Mitsubishi

Artist vehicles will occupy the post of the head of the division of the Japanese company in the EU.

Jorge Diez, will lead the Mitsubishi Motors Europe Design and at the same time be Vice President of the MRDE Mitsubishi Motor R & D. the First of the companies founded in 2014 and is actively working with most major design studios, located in the Japanese capital and Okazaki. In these cities, develop a concept design mass-produced cars intended for the market of Europe.

At the time, Diez graduated from the College of art in London and 18 years working as senior designer in Germany the Volkswagen Group (in the period 2001-10 years). Later, in 2011, he became head of exterior design at SEAT. And in 2014, led in Audi Concept Design Munich. He early developed a variety of models, among which the “Audi A7 Sportback of”, TT “seat Leon”.

The head of the European Department of design Tsunehiro of Kunimoto said that he was glad of replenishment in their team. According to a top Manager, dies combines leadership skills with strategic thinking.

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