Former Vice President of Tesla moved to Apple

Former Vice President of Tesla moved to Apple

Former Vice President of Tesla engineering Steve McManus went to work at Apple. According to the LinkedIn profile, he now is a senior Director, but what exactly McManus will do in this position is still unknown.

Bloomberg writes that Tesla McManus was responsible for the interior and exterior part of development, a similar position to that he occupied in Aston Martin Lagonda. In addition, McManus has worked in Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley. Tesla McManus came in 2015, he has extensive experience industrial designer and developer of certain elements of the exterior and interior.

TechCrunch links a new appointment in the Apple with the resumption of work on the drone at the beginning of 2019, the company returned a group of 200 employees have participated in the project. An Apple spokesperson said that “assembled a talented team of engineers and she is working on Autonomous driving and related technologies.”

In April 2019, it became known that Apple has patented a system of thermal control for the propulsion of electric vehicles and hybrids. It consists of several subsystems and circuits: the refrigerant circuit, heating circuit, cooling circuit, the circuit and battery circuit of the power plant. Each subsystem has a heat exchanger associated with the other circuit, which ensures selective heating or cooling.

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