Formula 1 Car – This is what you don’t see!

Formula 1 Car – This is what you don’t see!


I’m in Holland with Tag Heuer, Max Verstappen and the Redbull Racing Team. For the event, an F1 car was placed inside a chapel. This is how you get a Formula One car precariously down a flight of stairs and back safely in the van. Follo me on:

Wow hey we’re not done yet we’re not done yet no no if this F one out there okay no good let’s do it so we’re literally going through the hotel so he’s pushing well do you on Team yeah fun team Max’s team Max’s team is gonna push me out of hotel the things we come up with moving a tiny portion is very strong so that we can get the car fast to get it back outside and on the truck so the truck has just arrived there are about 20 steps going down there as well so that’s going to be interesting come on give them a hand Oh where’s the car well the car’s gone where’s the car legs in an inch scoot down send way or not when you say things like that you scare me get you understand it jump straight in that’s it and then unfortunately context there is just like screwed yourself oh my goodness it’s a spaceship I’ve got my special racetracks on so rule D ├ętat so comfortable so long for yeah but that’s cause I’m not moving at 300 my god we can get a bit more speed up there thanks very much in the front it is like yeah your life down all right now seriously so relaxing this isn’t Lee experience you meant to get when you re the backhoe saying that’s like taking your fall just get a will point in the right direction donkey belt Oh wow that was weird this stuff we do for the gram so big thanks these guys for being such great sports thank you Carrie maybe it’s apparently best way to get a nephron car down the stairs just in case you ever need that little tidbit later on in life call the small Katia this is all goblin I feel this a little slow spear huh to get this car down get some extra reinforcement he careth you clean it up yeah well that down one more step so yeah we forgot about the next Oh didn’t expect that hazard killed by branch as long as max doesn’t order taking his car like this that’s it that’s how you get an f1 car into and out of a chapel through a restaurant in Amsterdam I hope you enjoyed that wait random I know please like the video subscribe to my channel we got more to come

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