Formula E’s first ever night race

Formula E’s first ever night race


In Saudi Arabia, the first all-electric night race of Formula E will be held, as part of the ABB FIA Formula E world championship 2020/21.

Formula E will light up the track with a low-energy led technology powered by fully renewable energy sources.

Formula E announced today that the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E world championship will literally light up the streets of Diria.

Lighting of the track with the latest led technology with low energy consumption, will reduce energy consumption by up to fifty percent, compared to non-led technologies. The remaining energy needed to power the spotlights will be fully renewable through high-performance, low-carbon certified hydrogenated vegetable oil made from environmentally friendly materials.

Formula E was founded to counter climate change by accelerating the introduction of electric vehicles. Formula E is a global environmental, economic and social sustainability initiative. Saudi Arabia is an ideal partner in this mission, as it follows its own path of sustainable development of modern technologies.

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