Found a cemetery of supercars and luxury cars (photo)

Found a cemetery of supercars and luxury cars (photo)


Elite cars have not been on the road for 10 years. There is a real exclusive among them.

In China, they found a parking lot with abandoned expensive cars. Exotic supercars and luxury executive cars gather dust under a bridge on the outskirts of Beijing. The website Carakoom writes about it.

It has been established that several dozen cars have been standing under the overpass for about 10 years. They are already covered with a layer of dirt, and some are rusted. But among them there is a real exclusive like the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in golden color.

A Maserati Coupe sports car with tuning is parked nearby. Noteworthy are several Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Continental Flying Spur sedans, and one of the Rolls-Royces has huge 22-inch rims. Also on the photo you can find off-road Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery and Audi Q7.

It is not yet known why such expensive cars were abandoned. According to one version, they all belonged to a rental company that went bankrupt 10 years ago. On the other hand, this is a penalty area, and elite cars are confiscated by the state for tax evasion or other offenses.

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