Four – “the tourist”: a new patent from Honda

Four – “the tourist”: a new patent from Honda


For many years Honda had the idea of creating four-cylinder travel and the bike seems to start to make decisive steps in this direction. The manufacturer recently filed a patent in European office to protect their rights to the potential tourist bike inline, four-cylinder engine.

At the moment there is little to say about the engine, but it’s hardly the most popular unit for tourist bike with off-road ambitions. Over the past 40 years, the motorcycles of this category were completed: large adnetwork, all kinds of two-cylinder (V-Twin, radnik, oppozit), three-cylinder. It seems only BMW and Kawasaki have tried to produce tourist motorcycles with four-cylinder engines: Versys 1000 and S1000XR – and both are not designed for offroad at all.


The motorcycle depicted in the patent drawings, is similar to the above models. Bodykit sports style alloy wheels, low rise front fender. Four cylinder engines are not very popular in the category of touring motorcycles. First, they are broad – tourist bike needs to be narrow and nimble. Second, the four-cylinder Radnici, it turned out developed for more sport bikes – they have the power and torque available at a very high speed. This configuration is also not very suitable for bike travel, which applies to travel on the roads.

So, let’s follow the news. Perhaps the Japanese will surprise you.

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  • Felix CintronNovember 3, 2021 23:21

    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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