Four-wheel drive hybrid Grandland X – the first of its kind


German company Opel has presented the first in its history hybrid crossover with all-wheel drive and traction power Three 300 HP power plant and a power reserve of the electric motor 50 km is impressive.

Grandland X Hybrid4 appeared in the programme of electrification “RACE!”. The car is equipped with three power units: gasoline turbo engine (the 1.6 liter) and two electric motors. In conjunction they give incredible performance power at 300 HP While the Opel Grandland X price not announced. In the European market the novelty will appear already after a few weeks.

Program “RACE!” aims to improve the environmental situation in the world by reducing CO2 emissions from cars into the atmosphere. Grandland X hybrid emits just 49 g/km of carbon dioxide. Thus he pleases economical fuel consumption: 2.2 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. This crossover marked the beginning of the electrification programme, which should be completed in 2024, the emergence of hybrid and fully electric versions of the entire range of Opel.

Different rechargeable hybrid?

In appearance from the petrol version, the new product has a contrast hood in black. Under the hood the differences are much greater. First and foremost is the turbo engine and a displacement of 1.6 liters. He’s adapted to the hybrid setting, so the power is stated in kW (174) and horsepower (200). This motor is environmentally friendly, because meets rigorous standards of Euro 6d TEMP.

The main difference lies in the presence of two electric motors, each of which develops power of 109 HP (80 kW). Together, they implement all-wheel drive system, after all, responsible for the rotation of the wheels. The front electric motor is associated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It transmits the torque to the front wheels. Opel Grandland X Hybrid is equipped with a Li-ion battery with a capacity of 13.2 kW, power reserve 50 km. For complete recharging, it will need less than two hours (110 minutes).

Hybrid crossover is equipped with an electric cooling and heating the passenger compartment. That is, the comfortable microclimate is supported, regardless of what is involved: gasoline engine or electric motors. For the safety of passengers meets the Opel Connect system, which continually scans the condition of the vehicle and alerts the rescue service in case of an accident.

Four driving modes

Petrol unit starts at the moment of traffic at high or medium speed. In other cases, the torque is transmitted from the drive. For short trips around town is enough battery charge. But this crossover offers much more features, it has four unique driving modes:

  • The electric car;
  • Hybrid;
  • Four-wheel drive;
  • Sport.

Such a variety of modes allow the driver to feel comfortable and confident in any situation: whether it’s a large bustling city or country roads. It is also worth mentioning the regenerative braking system that uses energy from braking to recharge the battery. Thus increasing the charge by 10%.

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