Four-wheel drive Leaf with “revolutionary” e-4ORCE


Nissan tested the first electric all-wheel drive system under the name e-4ORCE. This was announced on Thursday, June 4, the Agency Carscoops.

The manufacturer describes the new drive as a “revolutionary control technology all wheels” that provides instant torque at all 4 wheels and balanced, predictable power in any situation. It is noted that the new all-wheel drive system is in the final stages of development.

The Japanese company has already built a test model of a Leaf with all-wheel drive e-4ORCE. Recall that this technology brand was showcased at the Tokyo motor show in 2019 and at CES in Las Vegas. According to the automakers, they were satisfied with the test results.

Corporation called the 4 obvious advantages of this all-wheel drive system. First, electric technology developed on the basis of electric motors. Still the brand used in their electric cars one motor, mainly driving the front wheels. Nissan also stress that the system provides instant, smooth acceleration, and improved handling in different driving situations.


Manageability is another great advantage of e-4ORCE, as Nissan promises a “balanced chassis control, tracing lines and steering precision at any time.” This ensures that the car’s behavior remains predictable, even when sudden maneuvers. This system constantly adjusts the power of each motor, and controls each wheel brake. By default, the torque distribution is 50: 50, but e-4ORCE may also transfer up to 100% of power to the front or to the rear axle, and another to mix them together.

Third, the new all-wheel drive system provides a smooth ride in different driving situations. Fourth, e-4ORCE improves the vehicle’s grip with the road surface, including wet, icy and snowy roads. In the Nissan did not report whether or not Leaf all-wheel drive system e-4ORCE optional.

In addition, recently it became known that the electric crossover Nissan Ariya will demonstrate this summer.

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