France save its auto industry

France save its auto industry


The President of France Emmanuel macron on may 26, presented a plan to support the French automotive industry, in which the government is ready to invest 8 billion euros.

It is reported “European true” with reference to the RFI.

According to Macron, after two months of quarantine, the French dealers have accumulated half a million unsold new and used vehicles. The government intends not only to stimulate sales but to provide and support the strategic development of the industry, innovation and the production of environmentally friendly cars, said the President of France.


“The state as a whole will provide industry assistance in the amount of 8 billion euros. In exchange, the manufacturers assumed a number of serious obligations to return to France ??production with high added value and saving of production in French factories in full,” said macron.

In particular, the manufacturer brands Peugeot and Citroen have pledged to keep their French factories, the annual output of 450 thousand cars. In 2021 PSA will release in France about 130 thousand hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. Last year, the Assembly of these machines in France, the group is not produced, said macron.

Macron also announced a large-scale task by 2025 to provide the release in France of one million clean cars. The goal is “to make France ??the first country in Europe to produce clean cars.”

Macron has promised accelerated development of infrastructure for charging cars with electric motor. 100 thousand new charging stations will appear in France next year, rather than 2022 as previously planned.


Macron announced an increase in government subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles for individuals – from 6 to 7000 euros for enterprises with 3 to 5000.

Introduces a new subsidy of 2000 Euro for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle with the possibility of charging from the network.

It also announced the expansion and strengthening of the program of recycling of old cars. From June 1 will be doubled and the subsidies paid by the state when replacing old car for a new one.

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