Frankfurt 2019: In Audi unveiled a concept electric vehicle

Frankfurt 2019: In Audi unveiled a concept electric vehicle


Audi AI concept:the TRAIL became the fourth and most recent element of a series of Artificial Intelligence, which translates as “artificial intelligence”.

AI:TRAIL quattro is a full “live” concept. It is fully operational and able to move on their own. Presenting a monocoque made with the corners of suspension “Trail” as it hints at a phenomenal cross-country ability. It has no overhangs and can change its height, and on each of the wheels has a separate electric capacity of more than 100 “horses”. The result – peak return is greater than 400 HP and a torque of 1000 Nm.

The concept has no differentials, no locks, no low gear – it’s simply not needed: on each wheel individually can be transferred to the incredible torque available from the bottom.

The manufacturer claims a cruising range of civil roads not less than 400 km, however, on the roads, this value is halved.

In the cabin, all the controls boil down to three things: the wheel, pedals and personal smartphone. The car independently in real-time determines the complexity of the surface and depending on the situation playing with time and changes the tire pressure.

More information in our next edition of the Frankfurt auto show 2019:

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