Freddie on Becoming a Racing Driver

Freddie on Becoming a Racing Driver


Racing. It’s just a case of fastest car wins, right? Freddie found out there’s a whole lot more to it than that when he trained to get his racing licence – and to earn Chris’ respect in his first competition as a qualified driver.See how Freddie handled his first race in the latest episode of on BBC iPlayer now.Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

any any young lad growing up we played with a car a toy car remote control hot wheels whatever these things were had aspirations of driving fast and had a thought of being a racing driver but realistically the chances are minimal three two one whoa that was a messy start i was never gonna be an f1 driver not because of me driving ability i’m not saying i’ve been good enough i’m six foot four i’m 16 stone i can’t fit in a car and then doing this job it seems that the possibilities are becoming endless but i’ve got two days before i go for a new test it’s brilliant but at the same time i’m aware that i put myself under quite a bit of pressure here well i wouldn’t impress chris a little bit as well to be honest i want him to think that i can drive don’t care what paddy thinks but chris yeah and to have the opportunity it was just yes i mean i i don’t know what my expectations were one of the problems i find myself having at times is i get an opportunity to do something i’ve never done before or a sport and for some reason i convinced myself that i can be the best at this my ambition outweighs my ability in everything i do catch you if you need to catch it so close getting in a car but in raw cars on track and that’s one thing and you go around they’re heavy you just drive it pretty much like you drive on the roads but a bit quicker but it’s like re-training learning how to drive a race car on a race track finding the limits of the calf now the limits of the car were always seemed to be further than my limits it was me backing off first to begin with than the car would so i’ve got to find that raise the power start to widen the steering off go go go it’s all that precision not making mistakes i make so many mistakes in my life and i think one of my skills is getting out of them you know the sport i used to play cricket you concentrate for two seconds at any time you switch off racing driving you just keep going round and round and round i also thought like a lot of people when it comes to race driving a bit ignorantly fastest car wins you’re on different cars you know give me a fast car i’ll do this and i’ve got a new farm respect for racing drivers and frustratingly i’ve got a new family spec for chris harris which i’ll tell you why you can watch this i’ll never tell him to his face never i’m just saying this has been cgi’d this is a technical little bit you’ve got to get an apex sacrifice a bit in the middle then get wide open as soon as possible so for me the first point was going to the track at blyton driving the geneta seeing where i was at but then the goalposts and the bars always moving so then chris turns up he puts a lap down i’ve got to get close to his lap so i’m chasing that then i start getting a bit closer i get a bit faster than your plateau and it’s how do i get through this next bit then i thought i’d take my test and then once i got my license which was a relief it’s now been on a track with 30 other cars which i’ve never experienced and they’re coming in from different angles and i’m a novice whoa you he was giving me nothing there’s noises everywhere there’s cars everywhere there’s people milling around everyone’s talking about racing and cars and as much as i love them that’s that’s not me they’re looking at data all the time i’m not data driven you know i i view sport as an art with science we’re sport now and especially motorists it seems to be like a science with a bit of art and that’s not me there’s just so much going on and you’ve got to put it all together i’ve been had not very much experience i had to get in that competitive place that i used to have when i played sport and it didn’t happen very often and although i knew i couldn’t win the race for me a win was not embarrassing myself getting up to pace with everyone else and i i think i did it i get on there geez that’s the fastest i’ve taken that and i’ve said it a few times that competition it scares me a little bit now in the fact that it it does bring out the best in me it makes me feel sharp it makes me feel alive you know it’s like probably the best way i describe it is in qriket terms when i used to walk out to back and you’re experiencing you never experience you know the the closer i got to the wicket the more excited i got and my eyes got sharp but my senses heightened the coarser and closer but then you get these nerves and nerves are only bad because someone’s told you the bad for me it was like this is telling me i’m ready i’m good for this and i stand there and he’d run into the ball and as he gets closer like a fast ball everything just starts getting better everything’s sharp and it’s like just in you go and i got that for a little bit in the car you know i didn’t feel like that but obviously in a very different surrounding but the reason it scares me competition is that i hadn’t done anything to win anything and it brings out the best in me but it brings out the worst i don’t want people to see the worst me you know i’m not now just you’ve seen it before like 10 minutes and things um well now i’m too old for that i’m nearly 44. two or five that’s amazing that’s perfect that’s his best lap by two seven two seconds yeah he’s giving me a bug to race again definitely i definitely definitely would love to do it again

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