Free Rolls Royce Cullinan Rides!

Free Rolls Royce Cullinan Rides!


This is the most expensive SUV ever made – the Rolls Royce Cullinan! It comes with a V12 6.75L twin-turbo and 563bhp. Today my friend Lilly and I are giving free rides to strangers to see what they think of the Rolls Royce luxury experience.Lilly Sabri – @lillysabri – Thanks to – #CullinanDrive #EffortlessEverywhereFollow me on:Music by:Lookin For Fun – Global GeniusDream Cloud – Black BoxWhat’s Next – Giulio Cercato

Driving Miss Daisy what’s up guys supercar blondie here and I’ve got this incredible key in my hand at the moment I’ve got the new Rolls Royce Cullinan for a few days here in Dubai this is the most expensive SUV in the world we’re going to talk me through some prices just so that you understand what we’re talking about when it comes to the amount of money that you need to spend to get one of these babies this color is called the Tuscan Sun for example Lamborghini Horus right you can get one of those for about two hundred thousand dollars this beast goes for three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars around that mark right but even more unbelievably I was taking a look at how much it would cost me to buy one of these cars in Dubai today I was looking at the Cullinan on a secondary market website this car is in such high demand that it is now going for six hundred thousand dollars if you want one today in Dubai that’s what people are asking that is crazy that’s amazing that just goes to show like how special this car is and how many people actually want it so I’m gonna go through a couple of the features with you you can get to different configurations right so you can get like the lounge chair seat configuration in the back which seats three people which is a little bit more practical for families or you can get this to seat configuration and when you get this configuration look what you get here this is a fixed middle console and this is the bonus look at this you have got some crystal rolls-royce glasses and canister here and we also have a fridge of course to keep your drinks chilled door close button is here so I’m just going to push this we feature always love and then these curtains here right so we’re gonna push this button to close the curtain and then this one actually is manual here in the back which I don’t understand why that would be manual the good thing about this little window here though is if you have got this pulled back you can see straight out you don’t you’re sitting further back in the car so that this side beam here isn’t blocking your review yeah and then don’t forget about the skylight this is massive so what they want to do is make sure that you can see everything because this car is designed for going on an adventure going off-road seeing things whatever you want to see ocean rocks know where that came from ocean and rocks they sound pretty interesting you’ve got a lot of vision in this car which is quite nice you see this it’s glass so this partition they really really wanted to do because it separates the passengers from the luggage in the back because otherwise in most SUVs you haven’t got this you can just hear everything that’s going on in the back so if the luggage is moving around you’ve got some rustling or bottles in there and you can hear all of that but in this car you can’t because of this partition this is a nice touch this is a new on the Cullinan but they are going to start incorporating this now this little button and it poses the door for you because why would you want to close the door you start so passe there’s another one this here is weighted so it means that as the rim spin the rolls-royce badge stays as it should with the art from the right way around because it’s weighted so it keeps it down like that I’ll show you stop oh by the way apologies for my hair I wanted to blow dryer this morning and my blow dryer just completely broke so this is what we have to put up with today sorry I was trying to be all classy for the rolls-royce and you know now I just got a bird’s nest they have absolutely mastered like they always do it’s incredible effortless feeling of just it’s so soft it’s so soft and you get no road rage driving a roll through Rolls Royce because you just don’t care if it takes that little bit longer to get somewhere that’s honestly how I feel about driving a Rolls Royce it’s also built for going offroad personally I don’t know if I had taken a Rolls Royce off-road it seems kind of extreme to me but there are people who want to do that when you compare it to other SUVs of this class it’s not as nippy and zippy you know it doesn’t like totally stick to the road and just kind of feel really nippy and fun and quick it has a lot of power and it does go when you put your foot down it goes there is no question about that but the thing is is that you are aware of how big the car is in corners you are aware that the car is a heavy car so you can’t go around corners quite as fast I don’t know I I kind of want to say it’s driving it’s like driving a mattress but in a good way a mattress I mean like mattresses are super soft and beak and that’s kind of how I feel driving this car I feel like I almost would like to be chauffeured more in this car than actually drive it bit of mood lighting yeah I’m gonna get out like this soon no I’ve already got them she’s got like the dreamboat I’m ready you look I’m just doing her work as she’s meant to us so you have to go check out our YouTube channel Lily sorry the link is right here and Ryan not really ABS like these and you know you are you fine babe you are amazing come on now so what I can do is take you around in a royal Rolls Royce today so you do the AB thing I’ll do the car I’ll be kind of I’m not a car girl it is okay Lily what was the first thing you said when you got in the car fare oh my gosh this is like luxury luxury carve it and he’s like smoother than my dog lamb’s wool is it yeah as a carpet as you getting along yeah okay now how do you close the door you set my head hey okay wait okay yeah bad I mean I wish did you want a fillet what is this what’s this button here why isn’t it working resist it no that be oh that’s all we’re trying to do lately at the moment I see oh this button something here Wow okay maybe the one that says duel yeah but you gotta keep pressing okay okay we’re gonna go for a picnic and I really want to show you guys what’s in the boots we have not explored the food yet all right they’re all comfortable they can expect they’re gonna be expecting this kind of luxury every time I come down there this is scary check check out the back screen like so okay so it has buttons for clothing on the inside and the out what do you do to open the door I said well you actually had just have to open it with your hand oh yeah no one’s touching any doors that’s gonna be the show seriously insane all right I just keep finding buttons everywhere yeah you guys explore I’m worried one of them’s like gonna catapult me oh well look there on the screens in front of you if you guys pull out your screens again using these buttons you can actually activate the massage in your chair you can control it touch screen or with this one here right so seat comfort will go seat comfort and then seat massage and then you can choose your massage level you’ve got like eight different massage settings right whole body back upper body health pelvic activate well work on those pelvic and then your massage level so you just choose the strength so either one two or three so ya go five guys this is like perfect I just worked out now I’m having my massage and I’ve got super got blondie driving me like WTF okay so today we go to seat comfort we go to the we find the massage come from we go we don’t mess such where where we go on okay yeah yeah we go it’s because he is Asian isn’t it yes Alex is Lily’s partner you have to say to people on the street would you like to win a ride in the new Rolls Royce cullinan with real hot blondes well I wouldn’t go that far that’s a very tough pitch to be honest who would one bad yeah who don’t have to fall yes truth on yeah very sweet check this out I’m gonna lower it there is an automatic function that does not allow the Spirit of Ecstasy to be touched or manhandled in that kind of way if you touch it it’s fine but if you kind of just yank at it to try and get it it will automatically just disappear which is quite a cool feature do you know what the color nuns named after the largest diamond in the world and it’s now actually in the British crown jewels so it’s in London yeah right so we’ve had our picnic and now we’re gonna go we’re gonna dress Lily off in this I’m sorry Lily yeah I mean I do apologize I’m trying to think what else I move in with you this this isn’t the job that’s true okay so congratulations they see a little outfit you are now a rolls-royce : and process what is going Wow actual service what’s going on Lily’s dress up yet again for one of my youtube videos we actually just bought this part of the outfit and we said it might be a good idea if you bring some white tie it’s just in case it’s too short look at this imagine without the tights you’d still look bloody hot I actually really like this one these are cuter driving with Daisy Nick cars behind the camera you’re gonna be the hidden camera that’s me alex is gonna be chasing down people on the street right here and what’s your elevator pitch we’re giving away a free ride any the most expensive SUV ever made and then I’m gonna ask them three questions and they have to get two out of three correct in order to actually come and get the first-class rolls-royce experience okay are we all ready and then Lily’s going to serve them in the back while I Drive I’ve got my white gloves ready to go okay everyone hop in in the world how are you I will we go scissors paper up and we’re giving away a free ride in the new Rolls Royce Cullinan hello excuse me sorry just a quick one it’s the most expensive area not right and we’re giving away a free regiment involved roids we’re giving away a free ride in the new we’re giving away a free ride in the new Rolls Royce you do okay excellent I watched a lot of his videos oh you know you know Alex there you go I think you’ve got a fan here wait my plate Blake’s death like that Alex nice to meet you all right so in order to take a drive you know I see three questions okay the first question is this what comes standard in is when you order it either for umbrellas or a picnic set with chairs or a frigid champagne or all of the above so I’ll ding-ding-ding named our first question correct okay ready what is the model name of this part is it men Tiger Morris Cullinan Laval Tech baby we’ve got a good one yes okay all right what happens when you try to steal the Spirit of Ecstasy okay so we want to make this the most luxury experience okay yeah so we’re going to start off what would you like would you like non-alcoholic champagne I don’t know how old you are Oh still water I’ll do a non-alcoholic champagne I’m gonna have one with you it’s not allowed that’s allowed my name is Clive we’re gonna Cheers okay Cheers and you also have some chips listen we’re so classy this is our first last experience ladies yeah okay and off we go you want the privacy experience okay here we go here we go we don’t want everyone seeing in doing and I can first time in rolls-royce it’s amazing I saw this one it was kind of just concept and looks like real-life reality no I was just I’m amazed by all of it did you expect this was gonna happen but you can visit your daddy it’s expecting to see some cars but not right at them let’s see first time I saw her was on Instagram I started watching all of her videos on YouTube yeah thanks man hey my friends will be jealous yeah is there anything you want to say eating friends back home hi Aiden nice nice well thank you so much for coming on this little drive with us and I’m delivering you safely back to your dad daddy’s back safe I know no no now you have to pay for his college degree sorry about that I’m putting it all back on you no mom no would any of you like to have a quick ride in it around the block experience with two ladies yeah I’m highly impressed hey have you been in a rolls-royce before I have not no I’ve always wanted to though it’s yeah okay so what were you guys up to today Oh which one’s better this one while going for a swim I need so many time is your dad into cars as well yes he liked us yeah we always go into different like a showroom oh really listen I’m a guinea ones just really exciting but I feel like this beats it so if you just press your button it’s already come out and you want to put the message on Oh okay so I had a very interesting thing about rotten oysters that as when the wheels turn the logo stays the same yes we’ve got so many pros today exactly because it’s weighted so out of all the cars you’ve been in before how would you rate this one out of ten twelve it’s definitely more than just the car yeah it’s like a first class experience alright guys that’s it that’s the experience with the rolls-royce : and here in Dubai thank you very very much to rolls-royce and to Lille of course go check her out here’s their handle sprinkled across the street and I hope you enjoyed it please give us a quick thumbs up press that thumbs up button subscribe to my channel we’ve got so much more coming and yeah I hope you enjoyed my little overview of this incredible car we’ll see you on the next one

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