French brand Alpine came up with a new application

French brand Alpine came up with a new application


The head of Groupe Renault, Luca demeo, spoke in an interview with Auto Express about the near future of the Alpine brand. Contrary to expectations, the French sports car brand will not cease to exist, as a new application has been invented for it: under this name, it is planned to produce charged versions of Renault models, for example, the European Clio and Captur.

Alpine will be assigned several tasks. First, it is this brand that will represent Groupe Renault in Formula 1 from next season, and secondly, it will retain the right to produce sports cars, but at the same time the brand name will be used for powerful cars based on existing Renault models.

So far, the Alpine Arsenal has only a mid-engined coupe A110, the production of which is established at the plant in Dieppe, France. It is possible that in the future the A110 will receive an all-electric version, but this question remains open.

In addition, this fall Groupe Renault patented the design of the show car A110 SportsX, so it is likely that the line of sports brand will be supplemented with cross-coupes.

The Alpine brand was brought back to life in 2015 and initially it was assumed that five thousand A110 sports cars would be assembled under this brand annually. However, the real figures were lower: for example, in 2018 they sold just over 1.9 thousand such copies, and in 2019 – 4,376 pieces. Rumors about the possible departure of the Apline brand from the market have been circulating since the spring of this year, when it became known about plans to re-equip the enterprise in Dieppe.

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