French firm Citroen has changed the name to Zitron in Germany

French firm Citroen has changed the name to Zitron in Germany

In honor of the 100th anniversary of French automaker Citroen has decided to re-brand for the German market, which always had the biggest problems with the pronunciation of the name brand. Now on the German market there was a brand Zitron. However, this is just a marketing campaign in honor of the anniversary.

Superscripts, which always cause difficulties in reading, are both in German and in French. But they are read differently, so buyers from Germany constantly had problems with the correct reading of the names Citro?n. One hundred years later, the company decided to spare the audience from German-speaking countries and changed the name – now on the market sold cars under the brand name “Zitrin”.

In honor of these changes, the company has prepared a short promotional video, in which the head of the German representative office of the brand, Wolfgang Shlimme announces to all employees and representatives of the dealerships that now they are called Zitron. Well and further demonstrates the challenges was the head of one dealership during the change of signage and employee training. But in the end the rebranding has borne fruit and sales soared up.

Of course, this is just an ad campaign – such a move is rare in the automotive world, manufacturers rarely change the usual customers names, and if they do this, not so radical. For example, in February 2016, Toyota has decided to officially put an end to the history of the Scion sub-brand and produce all cars with a single label parent company.

In November of the same year, Audi decided to rename their sports division Audi Sport – previously it was run up the Audi Quattro, as well as all-wheel drive brand, which quite often could be confusing.

How do you like the name? Would like to, and we have renamed ?

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