French tyre virobnik Michelin zupinit biznes in Russia

French tyre virobnik Michelin zupinit biznes in Russia


One of the largest light manufacturers of car tires – the French Michelin Group – announced its activities in our country.

As mentioned on the website of the group, the company will contact the robot of itsn plant, as well as export its products to.

At Michelin’s plant, Davidovy works close to 750 tyres, producing tires for passenger cars and vintage cars, which is important for the local market.

“In some foldable and unimaginable context, Michelin’s priority is to support all of its fighters, as they suffered in the crisis, including Michelin fighters in our country. The group will continue to be fully mobilized and continue to adapt its solution to the development of the situation in the world, ”the message says.

Michelin is the world’s leading tire manufacturer, and for its tire manufacturing obligations, it borrows the first place in Europe and the third place in the world (after Goodyear and Bridgestone).

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