Fresh details about the new SUV from Ferrari

Fresh details about the new SUV from Ferrari


Italian automakers have accelerated the development of its first SUV, which will push the brand in a completely new direction.

Debuting in 2022 under the code name “Purosangue”, which means “thoroughbred” SUV Ferrari promises to be no different from any other luxury SUV with high performance or models such as the Aston Martin DBX, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.


SUV, also known as the factory index “175”, is one of 15 new Ferrari, announced last year that the company plans to launch by 2023. They will be built on two new architectures that provide two separate model lines: one for supercars with a mid-engined, such as the upcoming F8 Tributo, and other for GT cars-family with front and middle engine layout, including a new SUV.

“I believe in this car and technical concepts. I think we found a design that on the one hand is a real SUV and convince SUV buyers to buy it, but on the other hand, there is a huge differentiation concept for the existing SUVs,” said in an exclusive interview with the chief technical Director of Ferrari’s Michael Liters.

This concept is based on Ferrari’s ability to mix individual architecture, which not only gives the car a Ferrari high performance and dynamic abilities, as well as space, comfort and convenience for the owner of the cabin.

“The challenge was to open a new segment for Ferrari,” said Lathers. “We always have a very, very clear positioning. It helps to develop cars specific, task-oriented way to easily solve certain compromises”.

Ferrari still kept details about the new Purosangue, but with pleasure has told about the theory and problems behind the promotion of the brand in its most radical direction for all his outstanding 72-year history.

It is known that the design of the SUV was OK, and the car will use a scalable architecture Ferrari with a front and mid-engined, one of the two very flexible “trucks” that will underpin the future of Ferrari.


Both architectures are able to use the V6 engines, V8 and V12 hybrid with component or without it and with an automatic transmission with double clutch, rear-or all-wheel drive and low or high ground clearance and a different interior layout.

Name Purosangue is also used to describe a family of new models GT that Ferrari plans to release over the next four years with the stated desire for versatility and comfort. Among them will be replaced GTC4 Lusso, whose own future is not dependent on the launch of the SUV.

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